Take Five… the California Shower

Take Five... the California Shower


Why the ‘California Shower’?

  • The length of the average shower is 11 minutes, and uses about 27.5 gallons of water per shower.
  • Reducing your shower time to five minutes each day saves 5,475 gallons of water per person, per year.
  • If all 38 million California residents took five minute showers, we'd save over 200 billion gallons annually.
  • It's a community effort - if we all 'Take Five... the California Shower", we can survive this drought together!

5 Ways To ‘Take Five… the California Shower’

  1. Download a five minute song on your phone and play it while showering
  2. Use a wind-up kitchen timer set to five minutes
  3. Set the alarm on your phone for five minutes
  4. Count to 300 Mississippi's (not very accurate though!)
  5. Use a professional shower timer like the iMShowerSmart - it alerts you when the shower is the right temperature, when it's time to shower, rinse and then shut the shower off.


How You Can Help Spread The Word


  1. Take-Five-DroughtJoin the initiative and 'Like' our Facebook page here.
  2. Copy the Take Five badge above and use it as your profile picture
  3. Tweet each time you 'Take Five... the California Shower' with #takefive or #thecaliforniashower
  4. Challenge your friends to commit to taking a 'California Shower' every day for 2 weeks
  5. Calculate your water & energy savings and post or tweet the total saved every day
  6. Showers at your business? Post one of our "Take Five... the California Shower' plaques.
  7. Get your gym or yoga studio to install professional shower timers and Take Five plaques

U.S. Drought Statistics


Educate Yourself – It’s Bad!

  1. Severe drought now covers 99.8% of California
  2. The worst California drought in recorded history
  3. Cost of the drought so far... $2.2 billion dollars
  4. $500/day water fines are being enforced
  5. El Ninó won't stop the drought in 2015


Show Your Support!

Show your commitment to 'Take Five... the California Shower" at our new online store. All proceeds go to support the Take Five... the California Shower initiative to get everybody in the state to take five minute showers.


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