Sound Effects Library


We are continually adding to our iMShowerSmart SFX library, giving you a lot of options to find that certain sound that gets you to pay attention and take shorter showers! To preview any of these SFX, just click on the blue arrow. To use any of these sound effects, follow these instructions:

Simply right click on the name of the SFX, and choose ‘Save Link As’. Save it to your computer’s hard drive (and remember where you put it!). Then attach the iMShowerSmart to your computer with the mini-USB cable. Open up the Program Dashboard (download here if you haven’t already). Select the event you wish to attach the sound to and select ‘Browse’.Find the .MP3 file you saved and you’re done!

Record Your Own Sounds

It’s simple to record your own sounds… maybe your voice telling your son “Ok, time to rinse!”. Just choose the recording program of your choice and save a :05 second recording as a .mp3 file. Then follow the instructions above to add it to your iMShowerSmart. If you don’t have audio recording software, try Audacity, a free program for Windows and Mac.

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