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Product Description

Take Shorter Showers with the ShowerSmart Professional Shower Timer


This inexpensive, easy to install and use professional shower timer, cuts shower times, saving water, money, energy, and slashing CO2 emissions, paying for itself in a few short months.

 A percentage of each sale goes to support the non-profit
“Take Five… the California Shower” initiative.

How It Works

Shower_animatedSimply program it for the temperature you like, the shower times and audio prompts you want, and forget it. The ShowerSmart does the rest. No more pounding on doors, waiting in line, turning off the hot water, or yelling. ShowerSmart creates a “shower courtesy” amongst people who share a shower, a water conservation ethic and awareness, and will slash your water, sewer and energy bills.

Time Tested Technology

Stop_iconJust like a traffic light or cross walk, the ShowerSmart uses visual and audio cues that we are all accustomed to and respond to. The trusted and familiar red, yellow, green TRAFFIC LIGHT and CROSS WALK IMAGES, that start, change and stop our motion, are re-purposed to rigorously control showering times.

At The Tone…

Speaker_IconIn our cars, the seat belt chime reminds us to put on our seat belt. In a ShowerSmart shower, the audio “chime“ reminds us not to dilly dally, and to rinse, and exit. It continues to “chime” ( or any one of the 1,000+ sound effects available ) until the water is turned off.

Self Powered Mini-Hydro

Hydro_iconThe iMShowerSmart power unit houses a mini water turbine, literally a small “rotary engine”. The water pressure, and flow of the water, spins the internal mini-hydro turbine, which in turn generates the power needed to run and charge ShowerSmart. The motor generates 2.8 volts – 13.7 volts. Standard and optimum is 5 volt range. Minimum water flow required to power the unit is a 2.0 – 2.5 g.p.m. showerhead with a 45 p.s.i. of water pressure (well below most standard homes). This means you should not have to charge it – ever – as the turbine keeps it charged. Worst case, you can plug it in via the USB port and receive a full 250 hour charge.


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