Is This Our “Water Savior”?

KenWright-unit_smThis man believes he can save the world. In 120 seconds. One gallon at a time. At a time of severe and un-relenting drought, he may just be right.

His name is Ken Wright. He is the inventor of a new technology he calls ShowerSmart, which is a professional, computer friendly, self powered, shower timer. Mr. Wright’s belief is simple. If each of us can shave 120 seconds off every shower, every day… then that one change could bring about a cultural environmental revolution.
While Wright acknowledges that cost effectiveness may be the main draw, his motivation for creating ShowerSmart is far nobler than that. His passion is obvious and one learns quickly that Mr. Wright, is not shy about his views.

“Yes, this product saves money, yes it saves water, and energy because it saves on HOT water, and thus cutting c02 related emissions. But what we need is an environmental revolution. We must make drastic changes. Tomorrow isn’t good enough, we must make them now. This product speaks to that immediacy. It points out that future. It is a constant,daily reminder of that need. A personal, daily, friendly “alert” reminding us that the world is different. We simply cannot behave as we have in the past. We must change the way we think about our planet and our resources, or we will perish.

Becoming a water “savior” means one is participating in the greatest environmental salvation man has ever undertaken, that of reversing the dwindling spiral of Earth’s environmental decline. – Ken Wright

“Water and air are the common meeting ground of man. Without them, we perish. Start with water, deeply care about one environmental element: water; preserve it, conserve it. Caring for that one element opens a door to an environmental awakening, a new awareness, and will help usher in an environmental revolution. Unless this happens on a grand scale, and soon, environmental trauma of enormous consequence is our future, and quite literally, the human race, as a species, is in danger. Look around you…it’s already starting…. Drought. Drought for the ages. Drought of epic proportions. Stubborn, persistent, long-term drought. ShowerSmart takes it head on, and says, “it’s up to thee and me.” And oh, by they way, it also keeps you from losing money, it’s fun, and easy to do.”

Founder of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition and now based in Ventura, California, Mr. Wright embarked upon this journey after a meeting with renowned environmentalist Hunter Lovins, who impressed upon him the need for tools to help people change their behavior and relationship with water. Thus began a five-year quest, resulting in ShowerSmart. Now completing testing at the University in San Diego, funded by their local Utility, and made possible courtesy of Rear Admiral Len Hering, USN(ret). Mr. Wright’s invention, may prove to be just that, the iPhone of the plumbing world. An environmental revolution may be just what we need.
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