Question :Is it hard to install?

Answer : No. Typically all you need to do is unscrew the shower head. Thread it onto iMShowerSmart. Then attach iMShowerSmart to the shower’s water supply line.
Normally, you don’t even need tools. On occasion if the shower head is old and has rusted onto the pipe, you may need a wrench to unscrew it off but it is rare. Putting on new plumbers tape makes the installation threading easy, and insures proper, leak free fits.

Suggestion: While you are doing this, you should put on a new, modern, 2.0 – 2.5 gallon per minute (g.p.m.) shower head, anyways. They can be quite an upgrade from your existing shower head, many of which consume as much as 5 gallons a minute. We have heard enough complaints, that, for most of us, showering with a shower head below 2 gallons per minute is an unsatisfactory experience. So, we suggest you get a 2.0 – 2.5 g.p.m shower head for use with iMShowerSmart.

Question : Do I need batteries? How is it powered?

Answer : No batteries needed. IMShowerSmart is entirely self-powered. As the water flows through the Power Unit, it spins an internal mini-hydro, which generates the energy to run the LED lights, and audio tracks.

Question : Is it water proof?

Answer : Think water resistant. It will withstand steam, water splashes, and cleaning. Don’t submerge it.

Question : Can I turn off the sound?

Answer : On the bottom edge you will see a small, round, black button. Push it. That is a mute button, and will stop sound from playing.

Question : Can I use my existing shower head?

Answer : Yes, as long as it is a minimum of 2.0 g.p.m. See our selection

Question : How do I change the shower lengths? I want to shorten, or lengthen a segment.

Answer : With the remote control, you can shorten or lengthen the shower, rinse or stop time allotments, increase or decrease the volume, and raise or lower the water temperature which then starts iMShowerSmart timing sequences.  If you did not get a remote control. Go to www.WaterSmartTechnology.com,  In the tool bar you will see “program iMShowerSmart”,open that. Use the supplied USB cord, and connect iMShowerSmart to your computer. You will see it connect up to the dashboard. Program time frames, preview and select fun sound effects, record your own voice, select starting temperature.  It’s really easy.  An easy to follow instructional video is also available.

Question : How do I tell someone about this awesome product?

Answer : click here

Question : Will it tell me how many gallons of water I used?

Answer : No, but you can multiply the time you are in the shower, with the Gallons Per Minute your shower head uses, and that will tell you how much water you are using.

Limited One (1) Year Warranty

WaterSmartTechnology, L.L.C. ( W.S.T. ) warrants the original consumer/purchaser that this product shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period under normal use and circumstances for a period of one year (1) from the date of the original purchase. WaterSmartTechnology (W.S.T.) will repair or replace the device at it’s option, if the original purchaser returns the product to:

W.S.T. 230 South Olive, Ventura, Ca 93001, for a $8.95 shipping and handling fee.

This warranty shall constitute the sole liability of the W.S.T. LLC concerning the product. W.S.T. expressly disclaims all other warranties. W.S.T. and it’s agents, distributors, vendors, re-sellers will bear no liability whatsoever for incidental or consequental damages, or charges of any kind.

This warranty is void, if the product has been damaged or tampered with, or if any of the components have been opened, destroyed, submerged, or installed incorrectly.

Refund of original purchase price within 14 days of purchase, upon return of product. 10% restocking fee applied.

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