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Top Ten US Cities Running Out Of Water

The Epoch Times has a article on the latest U.S. Drought Monitor report, releasing new data on U.S. cities that are running out of water — and believe it or not, the top 10 spots are all located in California. Some of the worst drought conditions on record have left much of the Golden State […]

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Senators Feinstein & Boxer Co-Author ‘Water in 21st Century Act’

Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer today introduced the Water In The 21st Century Act, a bill to help communities nationwide better prepare for the future by providing new incentives and investments to help residents, businesses and local water agencies to conserve, recycle and manage limited water supplies. The legislation would expand rebates and […]

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What If California Runs Out of Water?

Just read an article today on that wonders if it is possible that California runs out of water… could it really happen? During this extreme #drought, there are a lot of doomsday scenarios that people are floating, from mass evacuations from California to Las Vegas becoming a deserted ghost town etc. I think that […]

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Could California’s Drought Last 200 Years?

An article last February in National Geographic discusses the possibility that California needs to brace itself for a megadrought—one that could last for 200 years or more. according to a report by B. Lynn Ingram, a paleoclimatologist at the University of California at Berkeley. During the medieval period, there was over a century of drought […]

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SoCal INCREASES Water Usage by 8%

This is definitely going in the wrong direction. While the rest of the state reduced water consumption over the past three years, a recent study by the State Water Usage Control Board showed Southern Californians actually increased water usage by 8% from May of 2011-2013 to May of 2014. We all need to conserve water […]

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SoCal Cities To Impose $500 Water Fines

If residents won’t voluntarily conserve water, three Southern California cities are going to impose daily fines of up to $500 for anyone not complying with conservation efforts. The cities of Long Beach, Lakewood and Signal Hill already have strict water conservation policies that mirror the ones approved Tuesday by the State Water Quality Control Board. […]

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Vegas – Running Out of Luck… & Water

As Lake Mead drops below the half full mark and long term forecasts it to be a ‘dead pool’ by 2036, don’t despair. Conservation efforts (like shorter showers) can help in the short term, giving longer term solutions time to be developed and save Las Vegas from becoming a ghost town.

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California residents fall short of Governor’s conservation requests.

Governor Brown’s water conservation goals seem to be falling on deaf ears as Californians go about taking long showers, washing their cars and soaking their lawns, only making modest efforts to conserve water in this drought-stricken state. Everyone thinks they are doing their part, but it’s wishful thinking.

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