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Vegas – Running Out of Luck… & Water

As Lake Mead drops below the half full mark and long term forecasts it to be a ‘dead pool’ by 2036, don’t despair. Conservation efforts (like shorter showers) can help in the short term, giving longer term solutions time to be developed and save Las Vegas from becoming a ghost town.

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California residents fall short of Governor’s conservation requests.

Governor Brown’s water conservation goals seem to be falling on deaf ears as Californians go about taking long showers, washing their cars and soaking their lawns, only making modest efforts to conserve water in this drought-stricken state. Everyone thinks they are doing their part, but it’s wishful thinking.

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Drought now affects 40% of the country

This article from the Washington Post shows exactly how bad the current drought is and the extent of it across five states and the rest of the country. Parts of California and Nevada are drier than they have been in 1,200 years.  Check out this map to see how your area is affected.

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