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WaterSmart Technology Founder – Ken Wright

Ken Wright founded the Ojai Valley Green Coalition, in Ojai, California, with the intention of creating the small town of Ojai, into a model green community.   An event was envisioned to bring attention to this new non-profit organization and advocacy group.   Mr. Wright decided that Hunter Lovins  ( author and a promoter of sustainable development for over 30 years) president ofNatural Capitalism Solutions, a 501(c)3 non-profit In demand as a speaker and consultant, she has addressed the World Economic Forum, the U.S. Congress, the World Summit on Sustainable Development, and hundreds of major conferences. Named a “green business icon” by Newsweek, a millennium “Hero of the Planet” by Time Magazine, she has also received the Right Livelihood Award, the Leadership in Business Award and dozens of other honors.)  should speak at the event, and indeed she did.   During a private consultation ,  Hunter told Mr. Wright to get interested in the looming drought, that the lack of water was going to be the expression of climate change.  “People” she said, “are going to need tools, daily reminders to save water” so that saving water became “personal .”

This idea resonated with Mr. Wright, as he had seen his own small ranch suffer from lack of rain, and increasing water costs.  He began to look at how he and his family might conserve more water.  The idea of the shower timer came about, when  Jeffrey, his youngest son, ( aged 8 at the time ) came out of a 25 minute shower, and using all the hot water  ( 50 gallons!)  Upon questioning “why so long Jeff?”, young Jeff responded..”I don’t know…. I just wait till the hot water is gone.”   Surveying other parents, Mr. Wright discovered it was common for adults, and kids alike to spend 15-25 minutes showering.  This began a 5 year research and development cycle that resulted in iMShowerSmart.  Not one to make costly mistakes,  Mr. Wright attended a variety of sustainable conferences, showing off prototypes,  to see if his idea held up.  To his great fortune, Mr. Wright met Mr. Len Hering, U.S.Navy, Admiral ( now retired ) at one such conference.  Mr. Hering  expressed his strong interest in the product, and concept and became a champion of Mr. Wright’s efforts.   Mr. Wright, encouraged by the Admiral’s insight, and validation, pursued the creation of iMShowerSmart  over the next 5  years.

“Chasing Ice” the documentary,  added  urgency to his efforts,  in addition to  appearance of Hunter Lovins predictions made years earlier. Drought has arrived.

Mr. Wright is a single father of 3 teen age boys, a businessman, a water conservation advocate, a long time surfer, and happily lives in Ventura, California.   WaterSmartTechnology, L.L.C.  was funded, in part,  by friends, and colleagues.

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